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Pure Javascript URL validation with LINK preload

Use <link> tag to validate URL

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and… :-)

List of Flux Implementation

tl;dr use Redux

Flux is an architecture that Facebook uses internally when working with React. It is not a framework or a library. It is simply a new kind of architecture that complements React and the concept of Unidirectional Data Flow.

There is list of most successful implementation of Flux architecture:


Redux Redux Redux Redux Redux

Facebook Flux

Flux Flux Flux Flux Flux


Reflux Reflux Reflux Reflux Reflux


Alt Alt Alt Alt Alt


NuclearJS NuclearJS NuclearJS NuclearJS NuclearJS

and others

Fluxxor, Fynx, mcfly, DeLorean.js, Flummox, Fluxify


Cloud Storages List

Get currency rates from ČNB in PHP

namespace testomato\invoice;

 * Get currency rates from ČNB in PHP
 * @author Roman Ožana <>
class ExchangeRates {

  const URL = '';

  private static $rates = [];

  public function getRatesList(\DateTime $date = null) {
    $date = $date ?: new \DateTime();;

    if (!array_key_exists($key = $date->format('c'), self::$rates)) {

      $data = file_get_contents(
        self::URL . $date->format('d.m.Y'), null, stream_context_create(['http' => ['timeout' => 10]])

      preg_match_all('/([\V]+)\|([\V]+)\|([\d]+)\|([A-Z]+)\|([\d]+),?([\d]*)/mi', $data, $matches, PREG_SET_ORDER);

      foreach ($matches as $m) {
        self::$rates[$key][$m[4]] = (object)[
          'country' => $m[1],
          'currency' => $m[2],
          'code' => $m[4],
          'amount' => intval($m[3]),
          'rate' => floatval($m[5] . '.' . $m[6]),

    return self::$rates[$key];

  public function toCZK($amount, $code = 'USD', \DateTime $date = null) {
    $currency = self::getRatesList($date)[$code];
    return floatval($amount * $currency->rate / $currency->amount);


Best wireless speakers of 2016

It wasn’t easy to choose, there is many and many of bluetooth/wireless speakers. There is my personal list:

Harman/Kardon Go+Play 2016

Harman/Kardon Go+Play 2016 < Harman Kardon Go + Play doesn’t have loads of extra features but there is a pair of 1-inch angled tweeters and, in the middle, a great big circular passive radiator! It’s a room-filler with nice design and fancy handler. Check out YouTube

Harman/Kardon Aura Plus

Harman/Kardon Aura Plus > With six high/mid-range trandsducers and a subwoofer delivering 360 degree sound. It fills the room not only by its round design speakers but also works with the custom stereo widening DSP engineered to bring you room-filling full frequency sound. DLNA, WiFi, AirPlay, Bluetooth connectivity and nice RedDot Award Winning Design

JBL Charge 3

JBL Charge 3 < Perfect balance between sound and size. Fully waterproof, and plays louder then JBL Charge2+. Considerable bass punch for its size and price and better sound quality then much larger JBL Xtreme.

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless > Big and powerful. Impressive sound quality, wide connection possibilities. Nice futuristic design - comparatively expensive ($699).

Loading Ace Editor from CDN

How to load Ace Editor from CDN and submit content with regular POST request:

Show Password button pure Javascript

Pure Javascript solution for show/hide password button near to password input:

Sign Up, Sign In, Log in, Join, Register or Create Account?

How fast can you spot the difference between Sign up and Sign In? Sign in and Sign up are are quite close together. Using these button labels together causes users to click the wrong button.

Site New users Existing users Join Login
Flicker Sign Up Sign In
Instagram Register Log in
Twiitter Sign Up Log in
LinkedIn Join now Sign in
Mailchimp Sign Up Free Log in
Vimeo Join Log in
YouTube Upload Sign in
Amazon Start here Sign in
Microsoft Live Create one! Sign in
Netflix Join Free for a Month Sign in
Apple Don’t have an Apple ID? Create one now. Sign in
GitHub Sign up Sign in
Intercom Get Started Log in
Wordpress Sign Up Log In
Medium Sign up Sign in
eBay Register Sign in
Spotify Sign up Log In

Overall winner is Sign In - almost 60% pages are using this sentence. For new users is better using something else then Sign up (read Stop Asking Me to “Sign Up”)